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Underground 150 - Edwardian tiles


Underground 150 Collection

Fired Earth and Transport for London (TFL) have
announced an exciting collaboration in the 150th year of the London Underground.

Fired Earth – itself celebrating 30 years – was asked by TFL to survey the London Underground archive and to choose the most significant and beautiful tiles originally used within stations and on the platforms. Then – using the original moulds – Fired Earth were asked to create an updated range of tiles…

Edwardian – From 1903, architect Leslie Green was commissioned to design over 50 new stations including decorative relief work in an Arts and Crafts style.  Some of the stations featured tiles in pomegranate and acanthus leaf designs, alongside base tiles and dados in matching shades. One hundred years later these tiles are now available to purchase for the first time.

Made at the same English works that created the original tiles, these tiles have been handcrafted at the World Heritage Site in Ironbridge in Shropshire, where the Industrial Revolution began in 1709.

Posters  – As the power of signage and advertising became recognised in the 1870's and 80's station frontages  became crammed with advertising hoardings often obscuring all architectural features.

Early advertising posters proclaimed the advantages of travelling using various typography only forms. It wasn't until the 1890s that graphic posters first appeared. The Central London Railway used colour illustrations in a 1905 poster and from 1908 ­ under Frank Pick's direction ­images of country scenes, shopping and major events were used on posters to encourage use of the Tube. As time progressed, posters about tube etiquette and the advantages of new lines developed to promote events including royal weddings, the Piccadilly line extension to Heathrow as well as the health benefits of London's garden squares.

Fired Earth spent time at the archives of transport for London and chose our favourite 25 Underground posters of the 20th century making these available to purchase, many exclusive to us.

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Underground 150 - poster

Underground 150 - Edwardian tiles

Underground 150 - poster