Bert & May at Fired Earth

our friends at Bert & May

Behind the scenes we've been talking at length with our friends at Bert & May. We’ve long loved the classic Bert & May look. The way the brand creates a layered interior – one that’s relaxed, uncontrived and always effortless – is something that resonates strongly with our own aesthetic.



So much so that we’ve formed a creative partnership – Bert & May at Fired Earth – and we’ll be working together in a number of ways including launching a very exciting new joint collection and showcasing a Bert & May curated capsule collection of classic designs online and in Fired Earth stores.

Several looks have been created using Fired Earth bathroom pieces and Bert & May tiles to provide inspiration for those looking to create stunning spaces with a creative edge.

The Bert & May style is at once timeless, but also somehow of the now. The bringing together of natural pigments and the use of faded, chalky colours create looks that are both beautiful and enduring.  

Bert & May is known for its design-led collections and love of raw materials with a contemporary edge and, for almost 40 years, Fired Earth has been sourcing and curating beautiful, timeless products made in an authentic manner and using the very best materials.

The synergy between the two of us lies in a shared commitment to beautiful handmade products, with a strong dedication to quality materials, craftsmanship and authenticity.



The Bert & May at Fired Earth partnership begins with the launch of a new range – the Bolonia collection, which is informed by an original design selected from the Bert & May archive of reclaimed tiles. It has been reimagined by creatives from both teams.

This intricate and pretty design has been recreated in contemporary colourways using natural pigments. Soft tones and slight variations in shade add an air of faded glamour whether the tiles are used in both period and contemporary settings.



You can create this look by adding depth and layers, bringing in different materials and sticking to a simple palette. Bring in warmth and texture with natural woods, add a mix of contemporary and classic pieces and let the patterned tiles be the hero.



When going for an eclectic and whimsical look, think layers of detail from a limited palette. Pick out the pinks from natural pigments to create a compelling narrative within your space. Here, we’ve paired Bolonia tiles with a tactile marble basin and classic old-style taps.


We can’t wait to share with you more of our curated collections and how to get the look and the teams from both brands can’t wait to create more beautiful designs together. We really hope you love using the tiles as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them.


Published at: 13-11-2020