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One of our very favourite things at Fired Earth is seeing a project go from an initial dream to completion. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a space become both beautiful and usable.  

 Whether you’re planning large or small changes to your home, it can be hugely helpful to get some professional advice. Working with someone experienced can free you up to make bolder choices and can take away any sense of overwhelm when it comes to choosing colour or product. It can also ensure you maximise space in, for example, smaller bathrooms. 

The Fired Earth design team offers three options. There is the full Bathroom Design service and Home Design, through which one of our designers will help you choose tile styles and colours (for inside or outdoors) and suggest how they are laid. Plus, we can also help with wood flooring and paint colours and finishes too. Finally there is our Colour Consultation service, where we help you choose the perfect paint shades and finishes for your home.  

Our designers are here to help you every step of the way in creating a space that brings real joy. Having a Fired Earth designer dedicated to your project means you won’t make costly mistakes and you’ll benefit from a wealth of knowledge.  

A great benefit of working with a designer is that they will be able to help come up with solutions to tricky problems. For example, someone may love the look of a freestanding bath, but have pipes that cannot run inside the floor. A designer might then suggest a semi-freestanding, back-to-wall bath, which perhaps the customer hadn’t considered.


Stone Ochre paint


This works with colours too. Our designers will take into account not only what colours you love, and which suit the style of your home, but also how they will change with the light during the day. They might, perhaps, suggest a slightly warmer tone for a chilly north-facing room, for example.  


Warming Carragheen paint


The process couldn’t be simpler. They’ll chat with you – either virtually or in your home – and listen to your thoughts, take any measurements, look at your plans, mood boards or architect’s drawings. In your follow up meeting, you’ll get to see your dream space brought to life.  


Pebble Beach tiles | Rio oval basin | Haus Modernist Taps


It’s the experience and design know-how that makes the team at Fired Earth a brilliant help when you’re planning a space or choosing colour. And the whole process really couldn’t be easier. The first step is to fill in this form and a member of our design team will get in touch to arrange an appointment.   

We also regularly run free Design Taster Days when you can have an hour-long chat with one of our brilliant designers with a view to working with them on your project. These events offer a great way to get to know a designer and for them to gain an understanding of what you’re looking to achieve with your space and the kind of looks you love. Whether you’re looking to create a gorgeous bathroom, or are renovating a number of rooms in your home, they’ll be able to offer advice and ideas. After the event you can book a full design consultation at home.  

 Our next Design Taster Day takes place on Wednesday 8th December in selected stores. Book your timeslot by contacting the showroom. Discover more here.  



Published at: 19-11-2021