Marvellous Marble

Marble is timeless, glamourous and adds a luxe feel wherever it’s used. It’s a brilliant investment and will stand the test of time, both in terms of durability and style. It also comes in a host of formats, so there’s something perfect for every space.  


Marble is a natural stone, so each piece is unique, meaning whatever you choose to create with it, it really will be a one-off. Marble is found all over the world and throughout history it has remained a favourite with great architects.  


East Hampton   | Versailles basin


There’s a myth that marble needs a lot of care, but it’s actually very easy to look after. It’s important to seal it before grouting and then once again once the grouting is complete and the stone has been cleaned. Once it’s laid you need to clean it with a gentle stone cleaner and re-seal it from time to time as necessary, but this shouldn’t be too often. It’s also brilliant if you’re using underfloor heating too.  


One of the best things about marble is the sheer array of choice in both colour and format. Our Alacati tile, for example, is a brownish/grey shade making it perfect for warming up a room. This traditional European take on marble is softer than the more often seen white and grey shades and looks sumptuously stylish.  




If you’re looking for striking, statement-making tiles for a scheme, then Savoy marble is well worth a look. It’s available in three colourways – Black, Grey and White – and three ahead-of-the-curve formats. The addition of brass in this collection makes it particularly striking and ideal if you’re looking to create a dramatic bathroom or hallway.  


The East Hampton collection is timeless and classic. The collection is made from cool, grey-veined marble in a variety of styles, and is a wonderful choice for cool and clean schemes.  


East Hampton 


A deliciously creative take on marble can be found in the High Society range, which takes its inspiration from the 5th Avenue mansions of 19th century New York. Crisp white Thassos marble is matched with gorgeous Azul Cielo and Carrara marbles to create subtle contrast and beauty. 


Super sleek and glamorous, polished stone has a reflective quality reminiscent of Art Deco style. You can use tiles from the gorgeously shiny Georgica Pond range on their own or with a more subtle white marble for contrast.  


Georgica Pond


Whether you choose to use marble to create a fantastically chic bathroom or a statement-making hallway, you won’t regret the choice as not only does it look fantastic when laid, it has real longevity and will continue to delight for years to come.  


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Published at: 06-08-2021