Which type of wooden flooring should I use?

Engineered or Solid?

With the availability of solid wood flooring decreasing more people are choosing engineered floors instead. Due to the top layer of engineered floors being hardwood, the same finishes can be applied to both giving the same finished look. In addition to this, with roughly a third of an engineered board being hardwood they are more environmentally friendly too.

Engineered wood flooring has many of the benefits of traditional solid wood flooring, including the natural beauty of real wood, but it also comes with the stability of a multi-layered construction, providing a high quality finish; a perfect solution for busy commercial or domestic settings.

Due to the multi-layer construction engineered floors are more stable to changes in temperature and moisture. This means that they are able to be laid in rooms such as kitchens and basements where solid wood floors would cup or warp. The added stability of engineered floors means that they are also able to be laid over underfloor heating.