Choosing your wooden floor colour

A wooden floor has a natural beauty and real longevity and can transform a space. It can also be a major investment, so choosing the correct colour can feel a little daunting.

As with any fixed finish, it is important to view samples in the space where it is to be installed. Choose a number of different samples, move them around the room and look at them at various times as the light changes through the day. Live with them for a short while before making a final decision.

There are a number of exclusive colours in the Fired Earth range. The grey-toned wood of Woodland Whitecross will give a room a chic Nordic vibe, while a warmer-toned wood, such as Wychwood, will bring about a more natural feel. Lambridge Herringbone is perfect if you’re looking to create a dark and elegant space. The natural grain and knots of the planks add texture and variation, which should be considered when planning the other elements in the space.

Choosing skirting and finishes

We have a number of products designed to work perfectly alongside our wood flooring, all edited with care to ensure a pulled-together look.

When planning your wooden floor, consider the areas where the wood will join a new material. For example, you’ll need a threshold and any pipes from radiators will require covers to ensure a neat finish. Each of the accessories in our collection is available in colours to match our wood flooring.


Whatever style you go for, you can do so in the knowledge you’ve chosen a flooring option that is gorgeous to look at, feels great to walk on and is natural and durable too.