How to paint

Once you have chosen a colour you love in the correct finish, you’re ready to go. First, prepare the room and make plenty of space. Read our ‘How to prepare for painting’ tips before you start.

Ensure your tools are clean and thoroughly dry – damp rollers, for example, can cause paint to bubble. It takes a little time and trouble, but it also really does make sense to mask off any areas that are not to be painted.

Give the paint a good stir. If you will be using more than one tin, pour all the paint into a paint kettle or container to mix it together. This will avoid any variation between batches and give you a uniform finish throughout.

To ensure even coverage, use a clean roller and paint areas of 1 square metre at a time. Avoid rushing this part to reduce splatter and end with parallel strokes for the best finish.

Use a brush to cut in around the trickier areas where a roller won’t reach. Gently blend the brush strokes and the roller strokes together where they meet while the paint is still wet.

Go around the room with one coat and allow it to dry before starting the second coat.

By following these steps, you’ll end up with a room that looks perfectly pulled together.