New Spring Colours 15


NEW! Spring Paint Colours...

We're delighted to announce the launch of six new paint colours, named after birds. The ornithological shades are a great addition to the collection and are brilliant used alone or with other colours from the range.



A delicate neutral with soft grey undertones. Looks fantastic on its own or combined with the darker tones of Nightingale for an on trend industrial palette.

Little Owl

A very clever mid-grey, just like the wise old bird it’s named after. Our paint colour Little Owl has just the merest hint of lilac undertones which will change beautifully with the addition of warm artificial evening light.


In a nod to the beautiful exotic bird our paint colour Hummingbird is a riot of saturated colour, with complex undertones of both turquoise and black. A stunning colour to set off both artwork and other objet d’art.


Named after this most cheerful of little birds our paint colour Goldfinch really brings the sunshine in. A precious gold toned yellow which remains both mellow and easy on the eye.


Like the beautiful song of the Nightingale this paint colour is comforting and somehow familiar. A very chic colour, which is neither grey nor black. Nightingale makes a fantastic sophisticated room scheme when combined with the paint colour Mockingbird.


The Green Peafowl is one of nature’s most colourful birds, a close relation of the Peacock, and just like its country cousin the Peafowl really packs a mean punch when it comes to showing off a bold display of colour.


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Peafowl paint

Hummingbird Paint

Goldfinch paint