Paint your home happy

Paint your home happy

Paint makes a huge difference to our homes and how we feel about them. Paint plays a huge role in our décor and can influence our emotions too. The right shade elevates a space, giving it a considered, pulled-together look. Here’s our guide to choosing colours…

Considered colours, responsibly made

When it comes to paint, we know a thing or two. Our considered collection is made up of 120 colours designed to offer every shade you might ever need.

It’s made in the UK, using top quality pigments, by a supplier that has been formulating paint for almost 200 years. Each colour is made to a unique Fired Earth recipe. It’s also lovely paint to work with, great coverage and high opacity meaning it generally needs only two coats for a perfect finish.

Our paint, our difference

When it comes to choosing paint, the absolute number one most important thing to consider is how much you love the colour.

So, first off, order a paint card and note the shades that instantly appeal.

Exceptional coverage

Light plays an important part in how paint looks, so we advise buying a sample pot and paining a large piece of card – rather than a swatch on a wall – and moving it around throughout the day. That way you can see what it looks like in changing natural light and what it looks like under artificial light. Plus, you can take the card out with you when you’re shopping for pieces, such as sofas or curtains, for the room. The card is also useful if you’re using more than one colour as you’ll be able to see how well they work together. 

Calming neutrals

Neutrals are key to many schemes and it’s important – even with the palest of shades – to choose colours that offer some complexity, colours that work well in a number of lights and always look well thought through.

Our Bone White shade is a great case in point as it is muted and elegant, but nevertheless has real character. Oak Apple is another good neutral; it’s a darker, more architectural shade which offers the perfect backdrop for art and furniture.

Darker tones

Strong shades in our range include the stunning Under the Wave, which is a heady mix of green and blue and is perfect if you’re love the trend towards darker colours.

Go for greens

If you love green but want to go a lighter and bolder, take a look at South Bank. It’s inspired by the mid-century palette and looks stunning with darker woods. A much paler green, which is restful and calming, is Ultramarine Ashes, a shade inspired by the sea.

“It’s important to have fun with paint. If there’s a colour you adore, but don’t have a space where it will work, paint the inside of a cupboard. It’ll bring you real joy each time you open the door. ”

Play with pinks

If you love pinks but don’t want to go all out using them, use them alongside other colours. Our Orchard Pink shade works particularly well with Wild Olive, offering the kind of pairing you see in nature. Hansel & Gretel works perfectly with Ultramarine Ashes in this stunning geometric design.

Need some help from an expert?

If you’re unsure of which colours to choose, or just want an expert take on what would work well in your home, we have a colour consultation service which means an expert can work with you to ensure you get the perfect look for every room.