Add a splash of colour with Copenhagen

Add a splash of colour with Copenhagen

This spring is all about colour in the home. Here, we take a look at some gorgeous pinks and the neutrals that work perfectly with them...

Colourful Copenhagen

Our new Copenhagen tiles are a perfect example of how rich colours can transform a space. They are available in this gorgeous pink shade and five others too.

The reactive-style glaze creates stunning patterns on these porcelain penny rounds, offering depth and creating real visual interest.


Our Alchemy Pink Gin brick tiles offer an opulent take on pink. This mosaic range is made from pure aluminium and each tile is hand distressed, making them unique. They’re perfect for feature walls or stand-out showers or even a simple splashback.

Pretty and practical

Pink and grey are a classic combination and look so smart when white is added to the mix. A tried and tested way to get this look is to pair pink paint with a grey and white marble.

Our High Society Guggenheim marble tiles add a luxe feeling wherever you use them. They’re cut using innovative water jet technology which allows the intricate curves to be cut with great precision.

Perfect Paints

Paint is the obvious choice when it comes to adding some colour. It offers an incredibly cost-effective way of making a huge difference and a quick and easy solution.

When you’re decorating with pink you need to consider what it goes with. Natural wood is an obvious choice, as are metallic accessories. When it comes to paint, our Bone White and Mockingbird shades look great with pink and also are perfect when used alone. 


Mockingbird is a delicate neutral with soft grey undertones.

Bone White

Bone White is the palest of greys.

Pink Paints

We have a considered palette which includes a number of pink shades. A particular favourite is Hansel and Gretel. Influenced in part by the candy-coated cottages of Grimms’ Fairy Tales and by the soft-pink shades of Suffolk cottages, this shade is perfect for living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Or why not try our Rose Mallow and Orchard Pink shades.

All our paint is formulated with the environment in mind, so it has minimal VOC content and provides exceptional coverage too.

Add colour in your home

Whatever you’re looking to do at home, it’s well worth popping into your local Fired Earth showroom where our team is always on hand to make suggestions and offer advice.