A world of inspiration

A world of inspiration

For us, travelling the world is not just about seeing new sights, experiencing different cultures and eating great food. It's also an opportunity to find design inspiration for our ranges. 

We love immersing ourselves in the beauty of diverse architectural styles and natural landscapes and like nothing better than discovering antique patterns or artisans doing amazing work.

Much of our inspiration comes from the places we visit. A pattern glimpsed, the floor of a beautiful old building, the colours of the ocean, the feel of a city. We take these themes and turn them into products that work perfectly in the home. 

The Jaipur Collection

The Jaipur collection, for example, was inspired by our love of the travel-inspired patterns used in our collaboration with M&S Home. The stunning prints and colour palette used across this homeware collection translate into a tile range that will add depth and visual interest to a room. The collection draws on our long history of working with artisans and the designs for the new patterned tiles draw on the age-old craft of Indian block-printing originating in the Pink City of Jaipur.

The Marrakech Collection

Marrakech was the inspiration for our range which takes its name. The collection is made up of traditional Arabesque and Mediterranean designs and the tiles are handmade and hand-decorated so are perfect if you’re looking to create an artisanal feel in a room. These glazed terracotta tiles have uneven edges and an undulating surface and the techniques used to hand-antique and distress them gives a delightfully aged look and feel.

 “Fired Earth are known as the leader in their field and their expertise and know-how is well known. I felt they would understand our aesthetic.”

The Paris Collection

We travelled to France for the inspiration for our Paris collection. The muted colours and pretty patterns have a slightly whimsical feel and are perfect for creating a laid back modern country feel.   

The Cordoba Collection

Spain is the home of our brand-new Cordoba tiles. While we were there, we stumbled on an artisan studio producing beautiful hand-painted ceramic tiles. As soon as we saw them we knew we had to add them to our collection.

With a plain base tile and four beautifully hand-painted, delicate designs based on traditional motifs these tiles are so beautiful you’ll want to use them everywhere. 

The Atlas Collection

Our Atlas range is designed by renowned designer Neisha Crosland and was inspired by her love of travel and great design. The striking patterns in rich, exotic hues include hand-applied gold and silver leaf, making them extra special. The collection features natural and architectural elements on a textured terracotta base in Neisha’s distinctive style. 


Shibori was created in the Designers Guild studio using techniques inspired by the ancient Japanese art of tie-dyeing. Geometric, yet with a softness offering real soul and integrity.


Laterza is inspired the glamour of the 1920s. This elegant geometric design of a classical trellis form is both sleek and characterful. A stylish, graphic look perfectly at home in all settings.


Jaal is one of the original designs from Village, the very first collection by Designers Guild. The look is derived from a timeless small-scale Indian block print motif in two colour tones.


Fired Earth has a long history of working with artisans with designs drawn from some of our favourite places.