About Us


For more than 40 years, we’ve been sourcing stand-out product from around the world.

The company began in an Oxfordshire farmyard in the early 1980s, selling terracotta floor tiles at a time when they were relatively unknown by the British public and weren’t available in tile shops.

They proved hugely popular, and we opened a small London showroom selling just six different tiles. Customers began requesting glazed wall tiles to complement their terracotta floors and we sourced a small selection of other glazed tiles and put together a brochure covering our entire offering.

By the mid 1990s, the company had grown from its humble beginnings on an Oxfordshire farm to having a number of showrooms in London and across the country.

Today, we have 26 showrooms in the UKincluding a brand-new destination store on New Kings Road in London.

Fired Earth is now an acknowledged authority on colour and pattern, and the company’s philosophy is simple – to offer beautiful, authentic products made from honest materials.

Where possible, they are handmade and are often produced very close to home. The designs and shades we create are often imitated, but never rivalled. 

"Our company’s philosophy is simple– to offer beautiful, authentic products made from honest materials."

Fired Earth has grown to take in a stunning bathroom collection, much of which is made right here in the UK, and a considered paint range.

Every product is designed to be perfect for today while also being able to stand the test of time. If we haven’t yet met, we look forward to welcoming you in store...

Fired Earth began back in 1983 selling Terracotta floor tiles, a product that customers were soon keen to use in their homes in order to bring a little Spanish style to kitchens, hallways and conservatories. Demand for other stylish tiles grew and so wall tiles were added alongside stones and slates. By the mid 1990's the business had grown from its farm beginnings in Oxfordshire to 15 showrooms across the country.  Today we have 27 showrooms across the country and expect to add two more in 2022, including a new destination store in New Kings Road. Along the way we added Paint, Bathrooms and a Home Design Service to our proposition. Today, we believe we have earned the title of 'the home of great design'.

Our aim has always been to offer products produced with authenticity, creativity and style, and where possible both handmade and produced as close to home as we can manage. The UK Ceramics Industry has a long tradition and it is one we are keen to support. Having said that, where we spot a tile on our travels that is too beautiful to resist, we do of course secure it exclusively for our customers, many of whom are second generation fans of Fired Earth and its products.

Decorating and design have become entrenched in the national mind not just as the preserve of the super wealthy, but as a way to create homes for ourselves and our families that reflect how we like to live today. At Fired Earth we like to think that although it may not be every day our customers choose to redecorate (although our paint does allow for just that level of obsession), we have identified the right looks and styles that feel perfect no matter what the style or age of property. Our website has grown too and now offers almost all of our collections to browse and buy online and shows stunning room sets and great design ideas to help inspire you.

We look forward to welcoming you.