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frequently asked questions


Q. Can I obtain the RAL number for Fired Earth paint?

A. Unfortunately, Fired Earth paints are not identifiable under the RAL System.

Q. Is Fired Earth paint oil or water based?

A. Both the emulsion and eggshell paints in the range are a water based paint with minimal VOC content.

Q. I have recently painted my room with Fired Earth paint however, on some of the walls the paint does not appear to be drying properly and looks very patchy?

A. All Fired Earth paints are water based and they dry by evaporation. If the paint is applied to a substrate which is damp in some areas then this will inhibit the drying of the paint. We would suggest applying some paint to a different background such as a piece of card to test the behavior of the paint. 

Q. I am painting a lighter colour over an existing darker colour and the paint does not appear to be covering that well?

A. Occasionally the quantity of paint ordered is not enough to sufficiently cover the area therefore the paint can become ‘stretched out’. As a result of this, the paint coat becomes thin and becomes less effective at covering over existing coats of paint. Like all paints, Fired Earth paints are recommended as a two coat application however, painting over a very high contrast colour may actually require three coats.

Q. The colour of the paint in the tin appears to be different to how I expected?

A. Paints can separate out during storage and should always be mixed thoroughly prior to use. Using an implement long enough to reach the base of the tin is advisable as some darker pigments within the paint can sink to the base of the tin.

Q. I have stirred the paint thoroughly, but the colour of the paint on the wall appears different to how I expected.

A. The substrate beneath the paint may affect the colour. We would suggest applying some paint to a different background such as a piece of card to test the colour of the paint.

Q. My Fired Earth Acrylic Eggshell paint appears to slip around when applied to a previously painted back ground.

A. Many existing gloss paints are oil based and these will be difficult to cover with a water based paint such as Fired Earth Eggshell. Generally, the oil based paint should be rubbed down with a fine sand paper and then thoroughly cleaned with sugar soap or white spirit prior to applying eggshell paint. We would recommend carrying out a small test in an inconspicuous area first to test the application of the paint. If the application of the paint continues to be difficult then it may be necessary to apply a suitable water based acrylic primer or inter-coat.     

Q. I have painted the wall, however the paint appears ‘streaky’.

A. It is likely that the paint has not been mixed fully before use, especially if the paint is some months old then separation can occur.

Q. I have opened a tin of Fired Earth paint and there is an unpleasant smell emitted.

A. Occasionally if air gets in to the tin, the paint can become contaminated by bacteria. Please contact the showroom responsible for the sale of the paint to discuss a replacement.

Q. I have recently painted my hallway in Fired Earth Matt Emulsion and it appears to mark very easily.

A. Paints can take over two weeks to achieve full hardness, therefore the paint may be more prone to marking if it has recently been applied. Fired Earth would recommend using an Eggshell paint in high traffic areas.

Q.  Fired Earth Matt Emulsion paint is classed as wipeable but not washable; what does this mean?

A. A wipeable paint means it will withstand wiping with a soft cloth using small amounts of water. This method would be used to remove light staining only. Heavy staining from boots, dogs or high foot traffic may be ingrained into the surface and may not be removable. A washable paint such as Fired Earth Eggshell could be cleaned with a very mild detergent however, no harsh bleach based products should be considered.

Q. I’ve used Fired Earth Matt Emulsion paint on the walls of my bathroom however, the paint appears to have water marks upon its surface?

A. Areas where condensation or water splashing can occur should be painted with Eggshell rather than the Matt Emulsion. Fired Earth Eggshell is better suited to this type of environment and would be the suggested paint finish for bath bathrooms and kitchens.

Q. I’ve applied Fired Earth paint to several walls, however, on some areas of the wall the paint appears to be flaking away?

A. If existing painted surfaces have not been prepared properly by removing loose or flaking paint then this will not provide a stable background for the new paint. Alternatively the problem could be associated with walls that have been covered by a filler to hide imperfections within the wall’s surface. Some fillers can be very porous and can cause the paint to shrink as moisture is rapidly drawn away from the paint. Prior to applying the paint, ensure any fillers are completely dust free and dry. Spot prime the filler with a well diluted mix of the paint and water (up to 25% thinning). Do not apply thick layers of paint which are more likely to shrink.

Q. Can I apply the paint using a spray gun?

A. The eggshell and emulsion paint can be applied using an ‘Airless’ spray system.