Tiling tips

Tip 1

It is important to establish which way the tiles are to be laid before any tiling is started. Make sure the person fitting the tiles knows what the tiles should look like. ‘Shuffle’ the batch to ensure that any colour and tonal variations are well mixed. Minor chips and blemishes should be expected and are best used for cuts or well mixed on the wall.

Tip 2

Extra care must be exercised when tiling domestic showers. Read and follow our recommendations in our Waterproofing Showers and Bathrooms Installation guide. Fired Earth sell Shower Liner for walls and Fleximat for floors, which can be used successfully to prevent problems with water ingress. If you require any additional information on projects of this type please contact our Technical Department. Showers should not be used for at least 14 days after the tiling has been completed.

Tip 3

Tiles cut most efficiently with a wet saw and a diamond blade appropriate for the tile type.

Tip 4

Always be led by your professional installer and the installation guides for each product.

Tip 5

Keep some tiles spare. It is unlikely you will find matching tiles in the future should you need to repair or add to your tiling.