Project advice - Paint

How do I choose my paint finish?
Paint can be used almost anywhere, but there are a multitude of finishes that require careful consideration.
Choosing a paint colour
There are many elements to consider when choosing paint colours for your home, such as the light, existing furniture, the natural flow through to other rooms. The colours and tones you are naturally drawn to plus how that particular colour makes you feel. After all who has time to repaint their interior every year...
How to paint
Once you have chosen a colour you love in the correct finish, you’re ready to go. First, prepare the room and make plenty of space. Read our ‘How to prepare for painting’ tips before you start.
How do I prepare a surface for painting?
Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from loose and flaking material, including dirt, grease etc...
How to prepare a wall for painting
Expert advice on how to prepare a wall for painting. Read now for all you need to know.
Painting tips
Keep your applicator loaded with paint...