Types of toilets

Closed Coupled

This toilet is mounted to the floor with the cistern fixed to the back section.

Close couped WC's are the simplest option for installation and can often be used as a direct replacement.

Back to Wall

A back to wall toilet is mounted to the floor against a wall and the cistern is concealed within the wall.

A great choice where clean lines are wanted and a wall mounted pan cannot be used.

Wall Hung

Wall-hung toilets have the pan suspended above the floor and mounted to a special frame inside the wall that also contains the cistern.

Whether in a traditional or modern setting, a wall hung pan offers the cleanest looking, and cleanest practically, option of all.

Low Level

A more traditional looking toilet with the pan on the floor and the cistern mounted on the wall with a finished pipe connecting them.

A great choice where space is an issue as the pan can be placed closer to the wall that with a close coupled.

High Level

A very traditional toilet where the pan is on the floor and the cistern is mounted high on the wall with a long finished pipe connecting them. These toilets are particularly useful where space is at a premium as the pan can go relatively close to the wall.