Under Floor Heating

The majority of Fired Earth floor tiles can be used over most under floor heating systems. The heating should be correctly commissioned ahead of tiling and switched off or lowered to a maximum of 15°C during tiling and for a minimum of 14 days after installation. After 14 days increase the temperature at a rate of 5°C per day to the maximum temperature then reduce by 5ºc per day to the required working temperature.

Fired Earth Fleximat should be used as an anti-fracture membrane over underfloor heating, but the tiles must be larger than 5 x 5cm in size, which includes mosaic tesserae pieces. Our sales team will be happy to provide a separate information sheet. All Norcros S1 adhesives and grouts are flexible and suitable for use with underfloor heating. An expansion gap should be left around all perimeters, abutments and changes in plane. As a general guide, do not tile continuously over areas with a length of over five metres and fit an expansion gap to prevent stress building up in the floor. Always fit expansion joints in doorways of adjoining tiled rooms.