Terracotta Warrior

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At Fired Earth we travel far and wide looking for pigments and colours. Chinese History influenced the naming of this particular earthy, strong and robust paint colour. The shade Terracotta Warrior was reignited by a recent visit to the impressive 8,000 + strong Terracotta Army depicting the armies, horses and court of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China.

All Fired Earth paint is formulated with the environment in mind. We take care to choose the correct and safe materials and to be responsible in our actions. To the end we have successfully developed paints that cover exceptionally well thereby requiring fewer coats than ordinary paint.

This is a water-based paint with minimal VOC content (volatile organic compounds) 0-0.29%. It provides exceptional coverage, is practical, hardwearing and practically odour free during application. This paint can be used as its own undercoat. 

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