All that glitters

All that glitters

We’re in love with all things shiny and are having a love-in with gold right now. Read our blog to find out how to add a touch of glittering magic to any space. 

We love getting more adventurous when it comes to creating sumptuous spaces. Minimalism has made way for maximalism or layered interiors which have an altogether more eclectic feel and are all about colour and texture. Playing into this trend is a new-found love of all things golden, copper and brass.  

Savoy Tiles

Marble has been a style staple for years and will remain so, but there are ways to get a bit more adventurous with this luxe material.

Our Savoy range, for example, mixes marble with brass to create an altogether different feel. Seen here in black, it’s perfect for creating a luxurious-feeling bathroom sanctuary.

Aphrodite Copper Bowl

More pared-back marble, such as that from our Library collection, looks fantastic when paired with a copper bath or basin. 

Metallic Vitreum

It doesn’t get more opulent than gold and these utterly mesmerising Metallic Vitreum tiles are the perfect example of decadence in the bathroom.

Made from glass, they’re filled with a foil that creates a faceted surface which, in turn, captures and refracts the light, making for a wonderfully playful scheme.  

Atlas Collection

We absolutely adore the work of Neisha Crosland and her aesthetic – which has been described as a refined sense of purism and a love of decoration – shines through in the Atlas collection of tiles she has designed for us.

The range features architectural and natural elements on a textured terracotta base and the gorgeous hues are complimented by hand-applied gold and silver leaf.  

Metallic fixings

Bathrooms, in particular, have gone from being pragmatic spaces to rooms which are altogether more opulent.  

Mayfair Towel Rail

Utterly gorgeous to look at and versatile too. It looks fantastic against marble – either dark or light – and will ensure your towels are deliciously warm when you come to need them.  

Haus Modernist brasswear

Inspired by the simplified elegance of the Bauhaus design movement, Haus brasswear combines functionality with industrial chic. 

A touch of gold in your home

Whether you’re looking to redesign a small or large space in a period or modern setting, adding a touch of gold, reflective surfaces and luxe materials mean you can create something that is at once unique and truly special.